Glimpse is a social media platform, and like most other social media platforms, we allow and encourage our creators to use stories as part of their marketing efforts.  Glimpse allows for our creators to make fully public, partially sponsored or fully sponsored stories to help generate revenue from your page.  Stories are short bits of content that are easily consumed by audiences and created by content providers.  They have a shelf life of 24 hrs and because of this are a great platform to provide content snippets without frustrating users.  They can include a call to action that allows you to drive traffic to your page for more revenue opportunities.  As a creator you can add your archived stories to your sponsorship levels so that only sponsors can see the older stories.  

How to use Stories

Story's short lifespan is a plus but you do run the risk of users missing your story if they aren't online when the story goes live.  While we send notifications of new stories to your users, it is a best practice to let your users know that you have a new story dropping in your regular posts and communications with them.  Public content in your stories can also be seen by all of your glimpsed users and you can promote it to users even outside Glimpse by sending them a link to your Story.

Treat your stories like a channel, create story themes and group them together or schedule types of stories for the same time of day or day of the week.  Let your users/followers learn to expect something from you, it will help create a consistent traffic program to your page.

Be consistent across all of your social media platforms with your stories.   Make sure that each posted story has a consistent feel and look, it will help with your brand recognition.   Ensure that your company branding such as your logo and company name  is visible in all of your story content. Remember you are wanting to create a need to let your users know who you are.

Create a call to action in your story.  Direct watchers to a particular page or post on your site that you want them to see.

Stories are are an important part of your social media program. They allow you present content, run advertising campaigns and interact with your social media followers. They help you to build your brand effectively while providing a possible revenue source for you as a creator.