Glimpse allows creators to share their passion with users from around the world.  As a content producer you have the option of multiple formats to show your work or interact with Glimpse users. 


As part of your social network marketing, Glimpse allows it's users to tell stories.  For those that are unfamiliar with the concept of stories, they are little bit's of content, usually images and short videos, that provide other users with quick at a glance updates of what you are up to in your day.

Your Glimpse stories can be created from images and video files in any combination you choose.  While a story always needs to have at least one Public image/video, we have set up a system that allows creators to get paid to finish your story.  You can create a Private chapter in your story that only subscribers have access to see.  To learn how to get started with stories follow the steps below;

Step 1: Creating a story can be done from any location in the Glimpse platform.  To create a story you click on the large profile image located in the upper left of your screen.  It has a large "+" sign in the box.  This allows you to access all of your existing stories and quickly create new ones.

Step 2: After having clicked the stories button you have two choices, you can "Create New Story" or access existing stories.  Lets look at creating a new story first. A new story is started by clicking "Create Story".

Step 3: You need to give your story a name.

Step 4: This is where you create the Public part of your story.  After selecting "Public" click Next.

Step 5: Browse and select the desired content, images or video.

Step 6: "Publish" your story for all to see

Your new story will appear in the "My Stories" area of your dashboard. It will show the number of images in your story.  You have access to editing and deleting your story from the dashboard as well.

Creating a Private Chapter

To add a chapter to your story that is for your subscribers only it's very simple.  Follow these steps;

Step 1: To create a Private story you click on the large profile image located in the upper left of your screen.

Step 2: Select the desired existing story.

Step 3: Choose "Private" and click the Next button.

The other steps are completed just like a new story.  When you have added your private, or sponsored content, you will see that the story now has a "closed lock" icon with the number of locked images detailed.