While being a content creator is the primary way to make an income on the Glimpse platform, we offer an additional program.  This program is our 5 tiered affiliate system.  For those that don't know what an affiliate is and how they work here is a brief summary.

An affiliate program is a system that pays money to an individual that refers another user to a particular site.  Usually the payment is a percentage of the referred persons earning from the site.  Most affiliate programs only allow for the referral fee to be paid out on the original referral, or a single tier. 

We at Glimpse have done way better that that.  We created a 5 tier program.  That's right, we pay YOU for your referral, their referral, their referrals referral, their referrals referrals referral and their referrals referrals referrals referral.  That's a lot of referrals!

Let's look at the math to see how this can really add up to a good income supplement.

You refer someone, lets call them R1. R1 refers someone, R2. R2 refers some one and so on until their is an R5.

R1: $1000 x 2% = $20

R2: $20 x 33% = $6.60

R3: $6.6 x 33% = $2.18

R4: $2.18 x 33% = $0.72

R5: $.072 x 33% = $0.24

Total referral paid to you: $29.74/month.  This calculation is based on every referral generates $1000/month using the Glimpse platform.  Now we know that $29.74 isn't going to make you rich, but imagine if you were able to refer 10 people that reached the $1000/month level.  $300/month is not bad for not doing anything other than sharing your page link with other creators.  We do all the math and it is all transparent. You can check your referral balance at anytime and see where you stand. We pay you as long as your referrals continue to generate income on Glimpse. Oh yeah one other thing, there are no limits on how many referrals that you earn from. So unlimited passive income potential. Just one more reason to use Glimpse as your online marketplace.