Social media is so prevalent in our everyday lives that it has become the number one way of information exchange in the world.  Whether it's through Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok, or any other platform, instant communication to a large group of people has become the way to market yourself, your brand or your company to the world.  

However, most of these platforms have limited or no ability for you to market to your followers or friends to help generate an direct income for you.  Glimpse was designed with this in mind.  We offer and easy way for drive interested traffic to your Glimpse page where you can offer multiple options for content consumption while making money on your content and skills. 

Our desktop and mobile sites are not "apps" that require a download from a store.  We created Glimpse to be as functional as a fully web based system. We did this so we are not beholden to any OS or outside company. We control our rules and how we allow Glimpse to be used by it's users.  We don't sensor speech or content as long as it doesn't cross into being threatening or illegal.  Glimpse is a private company and allows it's users to control who has access to their content.  

This independence also means that Glimpse doesn't pay a fee for the privilege of being part of an app store and therefore we are able to keep fees to our content providers extremely small. These fee's our only incurred when a withdrawal of tokens is being done as transaction fee.  Our content providers are able to offer different levels of access to their content and are able to "charge" different amounts for the different levels.