We created Glimpse for you the content creator.  It was designed to allow you to showcase your talents to a broad base of people on the internet. The platform allows it's creators/providers to monetize their skills and content.  We don't limit the type of content allowed, (our Community Standards must be followed) in private or sponsored areas of the site. When cashing out your tokens there is very little to no wait time for your money to get to you.  While there is a small transaction fee to "cash out" or "Retrieve Tokens", you as the creator receive all of the money you earn from your efforts.  Glimpse charges the user for buying tokens and earns it's revenue from the user not the content provider...you work too hard to have your money be taken for using our platform. 

How do you make money with Glimpse? 

It's simple, Glimpse allows you to create sponsorship levels for your content. These levels are fully customizable, from completely public to fully private, it's up to you, it's your show. Glimpse allows it's providers a variety of options and formats in which to showcase their talents. These include images, video, live broadcast, timed video calls, stories, wall posts, private messages and a store. Each of these formats offers a chance for you the provider to make money on your content.

Let's look at an example of how this might work...

If you really love to cook and want to share your passion and some of your favorite recipes, you could create a video of you cooking one of your favorite dishes. How can you monetize this?  One option for you might be posting this as a free video and then sell the recipe in your store as part of a cookbook or individually.... Or you could create a video series for public viewing, offer your recipes for sale or free, and broadcast cooking classes for a fee... Or create teaser videos showing the ingredients and the finished product and charge for the full video...Or you could offer your videos and recipes for free and charge for personal cooking lessons through the timed call feature...Or all of the above and anything else in between. 

It's your choice. You have the control to provide the content in anyway that you want.