So you've set your account to Guarded to be removed from the general community of Glimpse but you still want to give select users access to your content.  You can do this no problem.  You will have to generate an invite link for each individual (the link can only be used once) that you want to have access. 

It's a simple process;

Step 1: From your dashboard navigate to the profile picture on the top right.

Step 2: Click on the "Profile Invite Link" button. This will automatically generate a unique link to your site.

Step 3: Click the "Copy Direct Link" button. This will add the link to  your clipboard. If you would like to add a glimpse branded button then use the "Copy Button Code" link.

Now that you have the link on your clipboard you are able to send to whomever you want through t whatever communication platform that you wish.  Once the link is accepted and used, the user will now be a "friend" and have access to you Glimpse site.  You still have control to what type of content they can view/use on your site as normal.