Tokens are the "currency" within the Glimpse platform. Tokens are used for trade and cannot be traded or sent to another user for their use.  As an example, if you are both a content user and provider, you may receive tokens from a user but you can't spend those tokens to purchase other Glimpse content.  You must purchase your own tokens for trade.  These purchased tokens stay in your account until you decide to use them on content.  If you are only a user of content than it's pretty straight forward, you use what you buy.  

As a Glimpse user, tokens are what you trade for access to exclusive content on the Glimpse platform.  You can use them in several different ways;

1. You can sponsor a creator/provider, incurring a monthly fee.

2. You can tip a creator/provider.

3. You can purchase content from the creator's/provider's store for a one time charge.

4. You can use them to purchase blocks of video time for one on one interactions with a creator/provider.

As a content provider/creator, if you have received tokens, you can cash them out at anytime.  You have total control over your money.  Glimpse doesn't hold any of your money in reserve nor do our creators incur any charge backs if some arrive.  If you receive 100 tokens into your account, you receive all 100 tokens.

Each token is equivalent to $1 USD.