Glimpse realizes that as a creator you may not always need a sponsor to earn money from your products, you may also want to sell some of your content outright for a one time charge.  Whether it's an image or image set, a video series of guitar lessons or an e-book of recipes, we have you covered.  Digital creations can be added to your store to add to your revenue.  The supported types are;

  1.     Images
  2.     Videos
  3.     Files

Hint: You may want to charge a little more for items in your store than what you charge for the same material in your sponsored areas as in the store no sponsorship is required. 

We currently don't collect any type of shipping address from store users so "hard" goods are not supported. However, if a content provider does have goods that they would like to sell to Glimpse users, there is a work around but it would require more effort on the creators end. As an example, if you had an one of kind art pieces you created and you want to sell them on the Glimpse platform, you could use a system similar to the process below. 

Step 1: Add the item to your store as an image. 

Step 2: When a t-shirt is "sold" contact the user through the Glimpse "Private Message" function to collect a shipping address and details.

Step 3: Ship the t-shirt to the users choice of address and provide them with a tracking number.

The logistics of the purchase would be up to you the provider. If this is something that you would like to do, it could increase your available offerings and expand your potential earnings.