Glimpse is a virtual marketplace - a business platform for social media - where content providers and consumers can come together, to exchange content and information at a fee, or for free - depending on the package type. The content provider creates the content, while the consumer purchases the tokens to access to the content. 

As a content provider, you have valuable experience, information, knowledge, hobbies or passion you wish to share! allows you the opportunity to share your sought-after content and social platform links with users for free - or for a fee - you decide!  Depending on how you choose to package the experience and/or information you offer, you can provide some or all of your content for free, or it can be shared through fully-customizable sponsorship levels.  As a content provider, you determine what portion can be accessed publicly, through sponsorship, or if it will be fully locked down and private - for pay users only.  Whether you are providing material such as music, recipes, art, live video tutorials, or videos to teach and sell, with Glimpse, you finally have the control you need, to maximize your return on your efforts.

As a content consumer, you will create your own free and private Glimpse profile, to search for your favorite provider and enjoy their content, or to communicate with them directly.  Content is available to you in mobile or desktop formats.  You may find content you love for free, or you may find that what you consider to be the "best" content is not shared publicly, so you can purchase access with tokens.  You might prefer to become a sponsor (in essence, a patron), as a way to help your favorite providers continue to supply fabulous content.  Regardless of your personal preferences, you are sure to find high quality material on Glimpse.

The application was designed to be easy and intuitive. Lets take a look around the site to familiarize yourself with all of the great features available.

Features in this Article;

1. Your Homepage

2. My Dashboard

3. My Favorites

4. My Contacts

5. Activity Feed

6. Search

7. Buy/Retrieve Tokens

Your Home Page

Let’s take a look at how easy it is to get started by looking at your Glimpse homepage. The homepage was designed to make it easy to access all of your interactions and content from one page.

The logo at the top of your page is always there and when you click it, it will take you back to your account home page.

The top bar also allows you to see how many tokens you currently have in your account as well as by clicking on your profile picture at the top right, you’ll go directly to your dashboard.  The “Hamburger” menu at the top left gives you access to all of your content and connection related tasks. 


Your Dashboard

Your dashboard will show you all relevant information that you need at a glance in your business. Want to know how many tokens you have, it’s on your dashboard. How many subscribers to you have, it’s on your dashboard. Who are your recent contacts? It’s on the dashboard.  You get it…it’s on the dashboard.


My Favorites

The My Favorites section organizes your "favorite" activities from your Activity Feed and displays only the selected. No scrolling through multiple activities to find what you are looking for, just add it to your favorites from the activity feed.


My Contacts

This page displays searchable list your current Glimpse contacts.

You’ll also see if you have any incoming or outgoing user requests and any blocked contacts.


Activity Feed

The activity feed will load when you login into your Glimpse account.  It displays all the activities of each provider that you follow for easy access.  We display the activities newest at the top.  Just click on the ones you want to see and you'll be taken to the providers page for viewing.


If you want to find other Glimpse users, this is where you go to look them up. Hint you need to know their account alias to be able to find them.

Buy/Retrieve Tokens

This is where if you want to purchase content you come to purchase tokens, 1 token = $1 USD. Tokens are used for trade and cannot be traded or sent to another user for their use. As an example, if you are both a content user and provider, you may receive tokens from a user but you can't use those tokens to purchase other Glimpse content. You must purchase your own tokens for trade.  These purchased tokens stay in your account until you decide to use them on content. If you are only a user of content than it's pretty straight forward, you use what you buy.

As a content provider this is also where you would come to retrieve your tokens received from users.  You cash the tokens in and the corresponding dollar amount will be deposited in your set up method of payment. Usually the next day unless by wire.