1. How do I start a broadcast?

You can start your broadcast straight away from your dashboard by clicking on a broadcast button. 

After the broadcast page loads up you only need to click on start broadcast button and you are ready to go.

2. What can I broadcast?

You can broadcast video or audio depending on which equipment you have.

3. From which devices can I broadcast?

You can broadcast from your desktop computer, laptop, phone whether it is Mac, iPhone, Android or Windows Glimpse.me works an all devices. 

4. I have tokens on my balance but I can’t send to someone?

You can only send purchased tokens to someone.

5.Someone is being rude on my broadcast, what can I do?

If someone is being rude there are options to Ban and/or Kick them from your Broadcast.

Banned users are thrown out of your broadcast and can’t reconnect to it, Kicked are also thrown out but they can reconnect back to your broadcast.