Glimpse me    

This is where everyone can search and view you.profile.


No one can view or search your profile. It can only be accessed by a private invite link sent by you to other users.


Live video calls  

Invite Glimpse users to a private one on one video call. Users have the ability to send tokens while on a live video call with you.

Private Messaging

Private messaging is where glimpse users can leave you messages for the next time you log in.

Chat Wall  

Glimpse users can leave a general comment on your wall.  

For example, perhaps a sample video or picture that is in a private album that's for sale can be posted in a chat wall.

You also have the ability to set an expiration time for the content that you post on your wall.



Glimpse users from all over the world can buy tokens and send them to you. No longer are you restricted to just customers in your country

Pay Yourself

Pay yourself anytime you decide you want your tokens to be retrieved into your account. 

This means you can get paid every day if you like. Just make sure to verify your account first and then add your banking details.